Some recent progress in mod p Langlands program for GL_2

Speaker: Prof. Yongquan Hu (Morningside Center of Math.)


Where: Building 108, Room 320 (Reading room)


When: 1st lecture: April 25 (Thursday) 16:00–17:30

2nd lecture: April 26 (Friday) 16:00–17:30

3rd lecture: April 29 (Monday) 16:00–17:30


Title:  Some recent progress in mod p Langlands program for GL_2



Abstract: In this series of talks, I will give a survey on some recent progress in the mod p Langlands program for GL_2(K), where K is a finite unramified extension of Qp. The talks are based on joint work with Breuil-Herzig-Morra-Schraen and with Wang. 

In the first talk, I will recall the mod p Langlands correspondence in the case of GL_2(Qp), including the classification of Barthel-Livné and Breuil, and the construction of Colmez’s functor. In the second talk, I will talk about the Gelfand-Kirillov dimension of admissible smooth representations of GL_2(K) coming from mod p cohomology of Shimura curves, and the relation to p-adic Langlands. In the last talk I will explain a generalization of Colmez’s functor in the case of GL_2(K).