Symbolic models for Euclidean algorithms

2022-03-16   (16:30 ~ )

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March 16(Wednesday)2022,16:30- 18:00,via Zoom

▶Speaker : Dohyeong Kim (Seoul National University)

▶Title        : Symbolic models for Euclidean algorithms

▶Abstract : The complexity of Euclid’s algorithm for integers was successfully analyzed by Baladi and Vallee in 2005.

It is an isolated example among numerous Euclidean domains and it is natural to ask whether their strategy,

also known as the thermodynamic formalism, is valid in a wider context.

The talk will be a report on the case of norm-Euclidean quadratic fields.

We will focus on the symboilc models that allow us to apply the formalism in the first place.


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* Title :  Symbolic models for Euclidean algorithms – Dohyeong Kim – BRL seminar

▶회의일시: 2022.3.16 (16:30~)

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